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Our Mission

Our mission is to help you step into your power by supporting your growth on both the psychological and energetic levels.

You have probably been taught that spirituality and reasoning are incompatible and that you can either follow one or the other, however this is incorrect.
Here, at The Inside Monarch, we value both, and can show you how to maintain a healthy balance between the physical and energetic dimensions, as well as between your logic and emotions. This is essential for leading a happy and meaningful life, as well as in order to have loving relationships and make a difference in the world. Our curriculum is designed to provide a solid basis for living your best life and set you up for success.

If you are interested in personal growth and spirituality but don’t know where to start, if you are looking for a logical and structured approach to understanding these concepts, or you simply feel that something is missing in your life, you have come to the right place.

The monarch butterfly is a symbol of endurance and continuous rebirth, as well as of eternal life. The archetype of the monarch lives in each and every one of us, and is related to the higher heart chakra (an important energetic centre located in between the heart and the neck, in the area of the thymus gland which is sometimes also referred to as the seat of the human soul). Interestingly, the thymus is composed of two lobes that resemble the wings of a butterfly.
By connecting to your monarch archetype, you can remember your divine origin and your mission, which is always to grow, evolve and transform.

About Me

I am an author, scientist and Reiki healer, and I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you.

Author I had an average existence until 2015, when my life changed irreversibly after a Reiki initiation which triggered my spiritual awakening. That was when I realised we have the power to heal and create our own reality, provided we are ready to embrace the unseen, which is the energetic component of our being and also the universal intelligence. I have learned to master energy by working with it in my everyday life ever since, for myself as well as for others. In 2021 I had a Kundalini activation that opened a new dimension of existence for me, as well as a dimension of consciousness and information that some refer to as the Akashic records, so I gained a 6th sense: that of knowing things without being told or taught. I have since written several books and constantly created content related to self-help, spirituality, holistic health and energy work.

Although my work is mostly intuitive and psychic in nature, having spent the past 15 years focusing on self-improvement, I have also developed my own healing methods that allowed me to see rapid and consistent positive change, which is practical experience I am happy to share with you. I blend both science and spirituality in my work and my methods are very logical and thoroughly structured, being mostly based on journaling and meditation. I have already done most of the work for you, so that my content can get you where you want to be, not in 15 years, but in a matter of months.

My mission is to share my message with as many people as possible and show them how I see the world and life in general, which is from a higher perspective. Zooming out is not only necessary in order to take a step back and become more objective and more empowered, but it also creates distance between the human being and its experiences, so that life can be easier and happier, like it is meant to be. I can teach you how to look at yourself as a superior being, how to manage your mind-set and emotions, and how to approach health, relationships and success from an empowered, detached and playful perspective. Life does not happen to you, but through you.


Online Personal Development Courses

Follow our short and thoroughly structured online courses, provided you are willing to invest a few hours to completely change your life by understanding how your brain and emotions work and how you can use them for personal development, but also to grow from a spiritual perspective.

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Articles and Books on Spirituality and Holistic Living

If you are interested in reading on topics like personal growth, energy work, healing and manifestation, check out our blog articles and books.

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Spiritual Coaching

(only if you already master manifestation)

If you are willing to commit and invest in yourself at a more significant level, and would like to learn energy work and healing practices, as well as to live more consciously, I offer a one year 1:1 spiritual coaching package throughout which you will receive unlimited personal guidance and energy healing sessions, tailored to your needs and schedule.
This will allow you to become your own personal coach and follow your inner compass rather than someone else (and why not, teach others as well!). Keep in mind that this will change your life irreversibly, undoubtedly for the better, but evolution can be uncomfortable at times. All courses, books and events are free with this package.
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