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The 10 Principles of the Feminine

What is feminine energy and how much of it do you have? Or perhaps you believe that you don’t have any?
Addressed to both men and women who seek their own authenticity and their own definition of what being a man or a woman is, The 10 Principles of the Feminine is about discovering what feminine energy is - beyond any dictionary definition - and why it’s important to honour and cultivate it.
Feminine energy is not an attribute of the fairer sex; it is a component of all living things, and its true meaning seems to have been lost somewhere and, with it, people’s potential of authentic self-expression.
So identifying feminine energy in yourself and others, and connecting to it, is essential for leading a balanced and fulfilling life. If you don’t feel fulfilled or seen, then perhaps you aren’t in tune with your feminine aspect.
The 10 principles outlined in here are meant to guide the reader towards a better understanding and appreciation of the feminine, which beyond everything, represents our inner power and capacity to connect to the eternal and the ethereal, as well as to seek and find true love.
This book is therefore a practical guide for integrating the spiritual aspect into our earthly existence, reconciling the feminine with the masculine in an approachable and concise way, without pertaining to a certain spiritual or religious ideology.

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Life is a Honeycomb: Mindfulness and Reflection Planner

Planners are efficient personal development tools that can help you not only organize your life, but also be more mindful and intentional, so that you can reach your goals and make the most of your time, and yourself. This undated planner provides a simple, attractive and methodical template for your weekly and monthly goals and schedule, as well as for your personal growth.
It also includes:

  • Short guided journaling sessions
  • Motivational stories
  • Affirmations and quotes to keep you inspired throughout the year
  • Monthly check-in-with-yourself sessions
  • Mindfulness tips
  • Plenty of space for notes and anything else you need to keep track of
Every month, you have the option to focus on a different personal development aspect. Tempted to skip something or take a break? No worries, you can pick up where you left off anytime you wish, and make use of the planner on your own terms.