Conscious Life Creator

A journaling method for healing and taking control over your life

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Online course:Conscious Life Creator
MODULE 3.Becoming a Conscious Creator.

Learn how to build the life you want!

Lessons 10 to 12.

Becoming the master of your own life is actually possible once you have let go of limiting beliefs, revealing your authentic self. Being the creator of your dream life is firstly about being aware of this authenticity, and secondly about having a vision. This module helps you create your own vision based on your personal needs, abilities and gifts. A life vision is not a static, one-time goal that you set, but rather a mindset of discovering yourself every step of the way, and consistently attracting the very best for yourself. Because you are always evolving and your life vision evolves with you, this module provides the structure that allows you to step into a creator’s mindset, so that you can get the most fulfilling relationships, the abundance you want and those joyful experiences that make every day worth it.